Feature added to Barstool Sportsbook. (Not affiliated with Barstool sportsbook)

My Role

UX Designer & Researcher


Figma, Photoshop


Added feature to an existing app.

Problem Statement

 User perspective- People like to engage with the Barstool cast, especially when they have placed a bet on the same game. There are many different ways to watch the barstool crew watch all the games together, whether it is on Twitch, Youtube, or Instagram. However, there is no way to interact with them during a specific game or in general.

Business Perspective- Having users engage with the Barstool cast will help increase the uniqueness of the sportsbook, draw in more bets on certain games and help grow the overall brand.


An intergrated feature that allows users to not only bet with their favourite Barstool cast member, but to be able to watch and interact with them througout the game.

Design Process

User Interviews

I set-up remote interviews with four Barstool Sportsbook Users and active sports gamblers. My goal was to identify their pain points  and how often they are involved with watching the Barstool gambling house, interacting with Barstool members and betting with or against Barstool members. Link to full research plan here.


Users enjoy betting with or against the Barstool members and then watching them live on the live gambling house streams. Users, mentioned that the downfall to that is, they do not interact with the fans when watching the games. The users want to be able to interact with their favourite Barstool member, similar to how Dave Portnoy interacts with everyone during his DDTG streams.

Most users like betting against Barstool member, because it brings that competitiveness factor in, it engages the users and "it is fun always betting against Marty."

User Persona

The key insight for this persona is that he likes to bet with and against his favourite Barstool member and watch them on the live-streams. He wishes he could interact with them instead of just watching.

How Might We

This allowed me to think about the users problem and brainstorm on solutions that can be inplemented to solve this problem.


How might we help users bet and interact with their favourite Bartsool member?


How might we design an intergrated feature to the sportsbook that won't overcrowd the interface?


How might we keep users on our platform, without having to go to a different platform to interact with Barstool Member?

Storyboard (without pictures)

I created a user story to help give the team and developers a picture of how a user would interact with this feature. 

User Flow

I created a user flow to help me make sure the flow was simple, intuitve and made sense.

High Fidelity Screens

Interaction Game Feature

Allows users to view what games are availbe for this promo and who is the Barstool membe involved.


Screen displays what this feature entails, if the user cares to know.

Chat Screen

This what the live stream and chat would potentially look like.

Usability Testing

I conducted a usability test with four partipants. All participants are familiar with the Barstool Sportsbook Application.

All four participants completed the task win 0 errors. Participants mentioned that the feature was very easy to use, did not take away from the rest of the app and or overcrowd the screen.


A change that users mentioned that they would like to see in the chat is an option for the Barstool member to request and live chat with a random person, similar to instagram live videos.