Hair & Lashes by Kara has been in business for just under 9 years. They are known for their customer service and their great work on peoples hair and lashes. Recently the salon has been passed down to their daughter Kara. This has always been to goal and keep the salon on the family. Hair & Lashes by Kara has never had a website. In the past they have always been word of mouth, but with the new covid restrictions, they are looking to go digital by getting a responsive website for clients and new customers to call or get basic salon information.


  • Create a responsive website

  • Allow users to be able to contact salon easily

  • Design a welcoming and inviting brand

  • Keep site minimal and simple to use. Clients range from 18-65

Design Process






User Interviews

At the discovery phase of my project, I conducted user interviews in order to get a better understanding of the problem.

Participants: 7 Gender: 5 women, 2 men Age: 23-55 All participants book 1 or more appointments per month

Guiding Questions

  • How has covid affected the way to book your appointments?

  • What site features do you look for when visiting a salon site?

  • Why do you go to a certain salon over another?

  • Tell me about your pre covid booking experience?

  • What type of device do you use to book appointments?

  • How often do you book your salon appointments?


Key Findings

  1. When choosing a salon many clients want to go to a salon where they can connect with their stylist. Most clients stay with their stylists for a lifetime.

  2. Participants mentioned key elements they want to see are testimonials, services offered, past work, and an easy way to get in contact.


  3. In this new covid era, people mentioned they want to see how the salon is being safe and what their safety measures are.

  4. One of the biggest frustration clients mentioned they faced was not being able to buy or know what hair products were used in their hair during their appointment.

Competitor Analysis

 I conducted a Competitive Analysis; diving into how other salons websites are set up, trends, information architecture and I put together a chart displaying strengths and weakness of competitors sites I visited

Hair By Kara

Responsive web design for a local salon. Prototype

User Persona

After identifying those insights and needs, I was able to create a fictional User Persona to represent what the ideal customer of HBK would look like. Giving the data an identity with context and personality, which helped me empathize with the customer as I built a site to suit their needs.

Site Map

After going through my synthesized research with my client, we met virtually to go over the Information Architecture of the responsive site and we put together this site map. We didn't want to reinvent the wheel and wanted the user to have a familiar feel to other websites they visit.

User Flow

I created two user flows to help me get a feel of what a typical user would experience, make sure the process made sense, and was quick.

Desktop Wire-Frame

After many rough sketch iterations, it was time to bring it to life from paper to Figma. The hierarchy was determined from site-map, competitor, and user research. The goal was to make the user feel like getting their hair done here is bigger than just getting a haircut and displaying important information to help the user feel comfortable to schedule an appointment. I quickly learned that hair is life to people. One bad cut can affect the person and salon in a negative way.

UI Kit

I prepared a UI Kit using the elements I included on the high-fidelity prototype. This guide includes all colors, font sizes, and other elements.

Hi-Fi Wireframe

Desktop hi-fi version for Hari By Kara.


Due to covid-19, this project has been put on pause until further notice. The site is ready to go live, I would prefer to conduct usability testing with current and potential clients and see if there are any iterations that will be needed. 


This project also solidified the strain of working with such short time constraints, and the value in focusing on the problem and user at all stages. It is easy to get distracted by all that you want to do, but the value is finding the solution that addresses both clients and users, with consideration to the project’s constraints.