Sports Betting App

New feature

Sports Betting Feature

A feature that all sportsbooks applications should incorporate to help new people understand sports betting and feel comfortable their sportsbook app.

My Role

UX Designer, Resercher, UI Designer

Concept Project

A concept feature for sportsbook applications to help new users to the world of sports betting.

Tools Used

Figma, Miro, Zoom, Photoshop

The Problem

No sportsbook apps cater to new users who want to get involved in the new trend of sports betting, now that it is becoming legal in many states.

How might we get new users to feel comfortable enough to want to bet on sports?

The Solution

Integrated feature that allows new users to learn how to bet on sports but at the same time does not hinder the experience users experience.

Design Process

Market Research

When conducting market research as suspected no sportsbook application currently had a feature to help people who want to get into the sports betting world. Many sportsbook are strictly catered to experienced user only.


I conducted a quantitative survey to help me understand how many people watch sports but do not currently bet on sports and why. 20 people participated in this survey, all 20 users watch some kind of sport at least 1-2 a week. 60% of participants do not bet on sports because they do not know how to place a bet.

User Interviews

I conducted user interviews in order to get a better understanding of the problem.


Participants: 10 Gender: 8 men, 2 women Age: 25-42 All participants are all avid sports watchers but do not currently bet on sports.


Guiding Questions

  • How often do you watch sports?

  • Have you ever used a sportsbook application?

  • Why don't you bet on sports?

  • Tell me about your thoughts on sports betting?


Key Findings

Users are intimidated by sportsbooks. They belive you need to be an expert to be able to use it. Users are afraid to place the wrong bet and lose all of their money. They typically bet with friends instead of on sportsbooks because no sportsbooks offer any kind of new user intro to sports betting.

Affinity Mapping

To synthesize the data, I organized the information into different groups to see if there were any patterns that would help me better understand these readers and their habits. I was able to identify users’ needs based on the patterns I observed. 

User Persona

I created this persona for new users. I decided to focus on this area because this is the area I am looking to add a feature to. Sportsbook apps for active users are generally all the same, with unique branding implemented to it, but no sportsbook apps have a feature for new users.

User Flow

I create two user flows that a typical new user would experience. The first flow is a flow of a new user joining sports betting app and learning about sports betting. The second flow is a typical flow of placing a bet on a Football game


new user sportsbook feature that teachers users how to bet on sports.

Final Version


I wanted to make this project focus on one user issue within all sportsbook applications. This project was a 2 week sprint. As a UX Designer, I thrive working in fast paced atmosphere with tight dealines, so this project was right in my wheel house. If I had more time I would love to conduct usability testing as well as A/B testing with the few variations that I had. Overall, based on research and findings, I believe this solution will help all new sport bettors feel comfortable and learn when using this feature on a sportsbook application.